DM42 Graphics DM42 Graphics DM42 Graphics
The most precise calculator The DM42 is the most precise calculator on the worldwide market - second to none!
And it uses the powerful and proven RPN logic.

The DM42 runs Free42, which uses the Intel Decimal Floating-Point Math Library; it uses IEEE 754-2008 quadruple precision decimal floating-point, which consumes 16 bytes per number, and gives 34 decimal digits of precision, with exponents ranging from -6143 to +6144.


DM42 User Manual
Guide for USB Driver Installation under Windows (only needed for Firmware Upgrade)

DM42 Program Encoder & Decoder

Try the online program encoder & decoder. It converts human readable text to RAW files and back.

DM42 Tools

Here are the tools needed to upgrade the firmware of the DM42

DM42 Firmware

Here are the latest firmware versions available for the DM42