Programming Tool for DM11, DM12, DM15, DM16
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(Check to generate a dump compatible with firmware V11 to V22)

Please note that this En/Decoder page works with firmware starting from V11 version and you have to check [x] V22-compatible for compatibility with firmwares V11 to V22!
We recommend to check firmware page and update to latest firmware available.

We suggest using PuTTY as serial console. It is available for most platforms.
Configure the serial port to 38400,8N1. Here is a picture of a PuTTY configuration.
This is a sample console output of a memory dump by typing 's' command:
DM15_M1B turned on
DM15_M1B ready
Firmware DM15_M1B_V23

?          Help
p          Key press
s          Dump memory
l          Load memory
ct         Console timeout
t          Get time
ts         Set time
td         Update time
d          Toggle display output to console
b          Read battery voltage
Type '<command> ?' for params
Uptime 556s
04  395033178ff000  00000000000008  0000000000000c  00000000000eae
08  00000000000000  2fbaee9efa228f  000080fca82200  00000000000000
10  00000000000000  00000000000000  00000000000000  03141592654000
14  f0000000000000  1b2d2d2d2d2d2d  000000000003ff  00000000000000
18  00000000000000  0000000000007f  00000000a00000  00000000000000
fc  00000000000000  00000000000000  00000000000000  00000000fcb6ba
A: 395033178ff000  B: 395033178ffeae  C: 00000000000eae
S: 00000000000000
M: 09503317778350  N: 09503317778003  G: 04