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David, the man behind the curtain
Michael Steinmann
Bodenacherstrasse 38 Sales: michael[at]
CH-8121 Benglen Technical: david[at]
Phone: +41 79 431 7177
Company registration:
HRA Zürich CHE-470.007.328
19-Feb-2016 Video Prototype DM42L
04-Dec-2015 release of the DM41L and DM16L
30-Aug-2015 release of the DM15L
19-Apr-2015 initial release of the DM41
11-Nov-2014 release of the SwissMicros Firmware Update Tool as an EXE or zipped
13-Feb-2014 Firmware Version 16.0 released
26-Nov-2012 new Silver Edition is available
26-Nov-2012 new website goes live
19-Nov-2012 Silver Edition calculators to be released 26-Nov-2012
14-Sep-2012 currency converter added to the order page
27-Aug-2012 We're on Wikipedia under Hewlett-Packard_Voyager_series and HP-12C Clones
01-Jul-2012 second batch being shipped out
06-Feb-2012 first batch of DM15 being shipped out
06-Jul-2011 first pre-orders placed on
05-Jan-2011 DM project begins

proof of concept
July 2011

first prototype
September 2011

production sample
December 2011

prototype DM15L
September 2015

prototype DM42L
January 2016

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