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DM42 foil with domes

DM42 foil with domes


This foil is only needed for DM42 prior 2020 with buttons that do not register well.

Replacing this foil requires complete disassembly of the calculator, including the fragile flex ribbon cable of the LCD.

For fast delivery, this item is sent in an envelope by regular mail without a tracking number.

No shipping cost is charged if the following discount code is entered at checkout: FREE-SHIPPING-FOR-FOIL

Each foil comes with a discount coupon for your next order worth the amount of the foil itself.



This item consists of a foil with the metal domes which make the contact on the PCB.

Here is a video demonstrating the procedure of replacing the foil:

Isopropyl alcohol works best for cleaning the PCB surface. If not available, warm water does it too. Make sure the surface is completely dry before applying the foil.