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Model DM32

Flagship, Portrait
Model DM32


The enhanced classic all-rounder based on the HP-32SII.
171 functions, of which 75 are directly accessible from the keypad.
Programmable. Conversions, statistics, fractions, equations, solver and more.
34-digit mantissa precision. USB-C connectivity to internal mass storage device.
A calculator multi-state system allows switching between virtual calculators.
Onboard hypertext help file. Simple and rugged stainless steel shell design.
High-legibility custom font and markings for keypad and display.
Comes with genuine leatherette pouch.

BETA firmware installed, updates will be required


Specification Specifications
Construction case made from stainless steel, matte black Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coated and laser engraved
Software custom calculator implementation running on SwissMicros DMCP operating system (no emulation)
Processor ultra-low-power ARM® Cortex-M33®, at max. 160 MHz
Flash memory 64 MBit additional flash
Floating Point Standard IEEE 754-2008 128-bit floating point precision implementation
ISO Conformity ISO/IEC TR 24732
Display type monochromatic ultra-high contrast (14:1) transflective memory LCD display
Display resolution 400 × 240 pixels
Display active area 58.8 mm × 35.28 mm
Display dot pitch 147 µm × 147 µm
Connectivity (PC) USB-C, connects as USB mass storage device
Battery type 1 × CR2032 3V lithium coin cell
Size 77 mm × 144 mm × 12 mm
Weight 180 g
Warranty 5 years
Documentation DM32 User Manual